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About Us

The Call of the Wild...

If you ask my husband he will tell you in a heartbeat that he is a man of little words

when it comes to having to put pen to paper. However, when it comes to talking

that’s a whole other story. The man loves to talk especially when it comes to

explaining something. He is a natural born teacher. An amazing gift to have

especially when one is a father. Nothing frustrates him and he is eager to teach

everyone everything he knows and he knows a lot. Need help with a check engine

light? He is your man. Building a deck and need some help? He is your man. Trying

to figure what type of bait to get when you fish for Bass? He is your man. Want to

find out what time Train A and Train B meet? He is your man.

So, it will come to no surprise to those that know him that his very favorite thing to

do is teach our two little boys about everything and anything. Weekends are

consumed with adventures where he takes them out throughout Long Island and

teaches them about the eco systems, water ways and wild life. What we have always

found is that during our little adventures our group tends to grow. What starts out

as a family adventure for our family of four turns into a group outing led by my

husband. Little kids just flock to him and parents eagerly follow along wanting to

learn from him soak up some of his knowledge. His inquisitive nature paired with

his Masters in Bio Medical engineering makes for a quite a knowledgeable

adventure leader! Hence, Wild Ones Adventures.


Welcome! Hope you can join us on our next adventure.

-Camila Pavone

Next Adventure:
Nature Trails at Sands Point Preserve
May 20, 2017 @ 10 am

Get ready to get your hands dirty and explore the Sands Point Preserve with your little wild ones. We will doing a nature walk, scavenger hunt, learning about planting and playing with lady bugs!

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