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Beachcombing Adventure

In this adventure we will meet at a local beach and search for various types of wildlife at low tide on the beach as well as running a 12' minnow seine to see what forms of wildlife are present in the water just beyond the shoreline. Depending on conditions we may also have the chance to throw a 12' cast net to see what other treasures we can find. Typically we see Asian shore crabs, green crabs, sand worms, mussels, minnows and grass shrimp. We will set up a tide pool aquarium  so we can survey all our findings and release them back to the wild at the end of our expedition.

Nature Trail Adventure

In this adventure we will meet at a local preserve and go on a nature walk to do a scavenger hunt. We will also learn about planting and every wild one will get to bring home their own potted seed to see grow. Lastly we will learn about ladybugs and actually get to play and touch them!

​Fishing Adventure

For the fishing adventure we will meet at a local beach, fishing rods, tackle and bait can be provided. You will learn how to bait your hook with worms and squid. We will be practicing catch and release fishing and how to properly handle the fish to ensure their safe return to the water. While out of the water we will look at each species and compare different physical traits and how they help each species survive. 

Kayaking Adventure

On this trip we will meet at a local launch and travel along one of the many rivers of Long Island. We will have the chance to see various wildlife such as herons and snapping turtles. Kayaks,life jackets and paddles will be provided. 10 slots available. 

Have an idea for something we don't currently offer? Email us and will set up a custom excursion for you and your group!

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